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GOP state attorneys general spread election lies that fueled Capitol riot

Sue Sturgis

The Republican Attorneys General Association, currently led by Chairman Chris Carr of Georgia and Policy Chair Steve Marshall of Alabama, is under fire for its role in amplifying false claims of presidential election fraud. We look at the group's history and its corporate funders — some of whom are now reconsidering their support.

Permitting racial injustice in North Carolina hog country

Sue Sturgis

State regulators recently issued a new general permit for industrial hog farms, and it dashed the hopes of environmental advocates who say it represents a failure to address the unequal pollution burden borne by nonwhite communities. They're calling on the agency to take environmental justice into account in future permitting decisions.

INSTITUTE INDEX: N.C. law could limit damage payouts for hog industry victims

Sue Sturgis

The plaintiffs in the historic federal nuisance lawsuit against the hog industry's waste disposal practices in North Carolina could face complications in collecting the $50 million verdict because of an industry-promoted state law that limits punitive damages. Their attorneys are challenging the law's constitutionality.

Mapping those affected by North Carolina's factory-farm protection bill

Sue Sturgis

As legislation to limit residents' ability to collect damages in civil lawsuits against factory farms makes its way through the N.C. General Assembly, a new mapping project offers a clearer picture of who would be affected by the controversial proposal.

NC lawmakers want to shield factory farms from big damage payments to victims

Sue Sturgis

GOP lawmakers have introduced legislation to drastically limit damages that agricultural operations pay in civil cases where they've been found to cause harm. The measure disadvantages the communities of color most likely to be located near the state's hog farms but would help a Chinese-owned pork producer currently facing dozens of such lawsuits.

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Civil rights battle over N.C. hog industry regulation heats up as negotiations break down

Sue Sturgis

Community advocates say settlement talks with North Carolina's environmental agency fell apart after state officials invited the hog industry into what were supposed to be confidential mediation proceedings in a federal case charging the state's regulation of the industry disproportionately harms communities of color.

Koch Industries tops list of water polluters spending big on politics

Sue Sturgis
With a fight underway in Congress over protecting more U.S. waterways from industrial pollution, Environment America has issued a report looking at the millions of dollars spent on politics each year by polluters. Besides the Kansas-based oil and chemical giant, other big-spending polluters include Southern meat processors and an energy company.

In North Carolina, fast food and Moral Mondays movements build ties

Labor Notes
Organizers of campaigns targeting the policies of North Carolina's legislature and pressing for a $15-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers take a broad approach to movement building and solidarity -- and provide new reason for hope in the South.