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The Wal-Mart Tax

August 12, 2005 - The national advocacy group Wal-Mart Watch has a useful new round-up of data on the hidden costs to the public of Wal-Mart economics.

CAFTA Vote: A Win for Progressives

August 4, 2005 - On Tuesday, Bush signed CAFTA into law after almost two years of political battle. Before it completely slips off the media radar, it's worthwhile to step back and stake stock of what could be a long-term victory for progressives (and not just in the rah-rah, "we lost but we won" sense).

Georgia Fat Cats

August 1, 2005 - Here's something to mull over while paying bills or pumping $2.00-a-gallon gas: the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's list of the highest-paid Georgia CEOs in 2004 (reg req'd).

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