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Predatory lending under attack

By R. Neal
March 6, 2007 - A payday lender trade group launches a $10 million PR campaign to rehabilitate their image. In their TV commercials, they say "Please borrow only what you feel comfortable paying back when it's due."

Environmental justice advocates urge ban on N.C. hog waste lagoons

February 22, 2007 - Imagine living near an open-air pool containing thousands of gallons of hog excrement, the acrid stench from which is so overwhelming that it leads to chronic burning eyes, coughs, sore throats and diarrhea. Then imagine that the noxious stuff is sprayed on fields near your home, where it soaks into the water table and contaminates your drinking well.

Poverty grows in Southern suburbs

February 9, 2007 - In many ways, the public face of poverty hasn't changed much over the last 20-30 years. Say the words "poor people," and our minds easily flash to scenes of urban 'hoods and rural shacks.

High-interest loans lead to foreclosures

December 22, 2006 - In the growing body of research showing that high-interest "sub-prime" home loans are bad for consumers and the economy, the Center for Responsible Lending has released a damning study that finds one out of five subprime loans end up as foreclosures:

Marijuana a top cash crop for the South

December 20, 2006 - Marijuana is now the most valuable cash crop for the United States overall and for many states across the South, according to a new study published in the latest issue of the Bulletin of Cannabis Reform. The study estimates the total value of this year's U.S.

Mortgage woes linger in states hit hard by Katrina

December 14, 2006 - The number of U.S. homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments is climbing, and the delinquency problem is especially severe in storm-ravaged Mississippi and Louisiana, where many people face the threat of losing the roof over their head from a disaster of a different kind.