FEMA's money trail: "Transparent as mud"

October 31, 2005 - Newhouse News reporter Sean Reilly has stayed on the case of post-Katrina contracts in the Gulf, and has unearthed more dubious dealings, this time with a company called PBS&J. First there's the questionable revolving door of a FEMA-employee-turned-contractor-exec:

How Big Energy did Georgia

October 31, 2005 - As consumers ponder reports that Big Energy may be "forced" to drive up heating costs this winter, here's a story of what one utility did with the money another time they jacked up prices. From yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Time to rein in Big Oil

October 28, 2005 - The NY Times has a story today headlined "Big Rise in Profit Puts Oil Giants on Defensive," which shows how hard times at the gas pump for ordinary folks means good times for oil execs:

Poor may have to choose between heating and eating

By R. Neal
October 27, 2005 - Posted by R. Neal Despite dire warnings of energy shortages and skyrocketing natural gas prices, the Senate this week voted down additional funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program that would assist low-income families with their heating bills this winter.